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Born and raised on the Mediterranean Island of Malta (Europe), brings a broad perspective that translates into his personal and professional life. As a Luxury Real Estate specialist, attributing his years of well-earned experience, continuous business mentoring, and extensive knowledge of the local market, allows him to strive in achieving the utmost value to his clients. Whether getting the highest dollar amount for sellers or helping buyers find their perfect home, Chris offers excellent customer service and a commitment to work hard, listen and follow through. He provides committed quality service to build relationships with clients and more importantly, maintain those relationships by communicating effectively.

The continuous involvement with investors, developers and wealthy individuals help achieve a source for their growth, direction, and strategic planning within the real estate sphere. It allows everyone to benefit from the maximization of positive outcomes in every transaction. Projects ranging from affordable residence investments, planned developments, upmarket residential projects, and his specialisation in the luxury market.

Chris confers with other real estate professions, legal entities, architects, financial institutions, and contractors to succeed in concluding projects. This experience makes him effective in proposing opportunities in real estate and assist in remodelling projects for luxury residential investments.

He persistently commits to his clients in a timely manner, being understandable and working around their busy schedule. This allows him to be discreet, devoted to delivering full success and building mutual trust.


Phone: +356 7722 7227

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